EXPLORE Spots 101

EXPLORESpots 101


ecoEXPLORE HotSpots are great places to explore nature and submit wildlife observations that are especially helpful for scientists! We currently have 500+ HotSpots (and counting) across North Carolina. Which one is closest to you?


ecoEXPLORE LoanSpots are locations where participants can check out backpacks with nature-viewing equipment for FREE! These materials include binoculars, magnifying tools, insect nets, bird calls, trail cameras, and more. Supplies may differ between LoanSpots. Please contact individual sites for questions about supplies and availability.

BONUS: Each photo observation taken at a HotSpot OR LoanSpot is eligible for +1 POINT redeemable for ecoEXPLORE Prizes.

Remember, you do not need to be at a HotSpot or LoanSpot to support community science...you can submit wildlife observations to ecoEXPLORE from anywhere (including outside NC)!